Account / Trade / Service

1. How I will receive my account after I purchased it ?

👍 Please check your message after purchase, contact me via the “Message Us”. I will send you account info directly or you can mail us at pogofightershop@gmail.com

👍 An email will send to your email containing your account details, make sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

👍  An email will be automatically sent to your email when you fill in your order information

👍 Because PoGoFighter is an electronic service website, we cannot make deliveries. The results of using the service will be displayed on the website or emailed to customers.
Deliver within 24 hours of payment (usually sooner)

2. Can the account get banned or warned ?

👍 Guaranteed SAFE 100% (no ban, no warning). All our accounts include a lifetime guarantee. The guarantee will be voided if you use the account with 3rd party software or spoofing.

3. How I will trade my pokemon after I purchased it ?

👍 After purchased, please send me your trainer codeand coordinate. I will spoof to you and trade.

👍 Please check your message after purchase, contact me via the “Chat with us!” or you can mail us at pogofightershop@gmail.com

4. How can my account get Stardust, XP, XL candy ?

👍 I will use your account to hunt and catch Pokemon, defeat Rocket Grunts, Leaders, etc…

5. Can my account be banned or warned ?

👍 Guaranteed 100% SAFE no ban or warning (Use Original App download from Google Play and Android Root Method)

6. How long will it take for the service to be completed ?

👍 Usually a few hours after I’ve logged into your account. I will let you know when I have done

7. Can I change Trainer Name / Team ?

👍 In 98% of the cases username is changeable, if you would like to be 100% sure please contact us before the purchase and we will check that for you. Changing the team all depends on when the last team change happened, usually you will be able to switch the team by purchasing the Medallion in-game. Choose your account carefully since by default we do not cover team change in our guarantee after purchase.

8. Do you have any reviews ?

👍 Yes, I do. Please navigate to our Reviews page 

9. What payment methods do you accept ?

👍 You can pay through Visa, Master Card, JCB, Diners Club, American Express.

9. Payment transaction failed via VISA or MasterCard ?

👍  You your Visa or MasterCard are not secure enough to pay online. You should apply for Visa Secure with EMV 3-D Secure for your Visa or MasterCard as well as protect data on the internet in the future.

👍 Visa Secure with EMV 3-D Secure works when you pay online, you will receive a security code via the phone number or email registered with the bank to verify you are the payer.👍

11. Am I able to change the password and email on the account purchased ?

👍 100% Yes – You will receive all of the information for the account and also a step-by-step guide on how to fully secure your account! 

👍 These accounts are 100% secure and the customer can buy with confidence!